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  • suvankargiri7 5:30 am on June 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Hi to all, After a long time 

    Hi all,

    Its being a long time, I did not post any blog!! Actually I am little bit busy with my job. I changed my workplace. I joined a new company 15th june. In this company I got a chance to work with core javascript and js and in future angular.js and node.js. So i am feeling good!!  I got that there are 12 node types of a HTML document which represented by integer numbers 1 to 12.

    But between these node types there are 3 most useful nodes – – [EAT]

    E- element node

    A- attribute node

    T- text node.

  • suvankargiri7 12:29 pm on September 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    OAuth authentication 

    tectonic Tech

    The OAuth protocol enables websites or applications (Consumers) to access Protected Resources from a web service (Service Provider) via an API, without requiring Users to disclose their Service Provider credentials to the Consumers. More generally, OAuth creates a freely-implementable and generic methodology for API authentication.

    An example use case is allowing printing service (the Consumer), to access private photos stored on (the Service Provider) without requiring Users to provide their credentials to

    Authenticating with OAuth

    OAuth authentication is the process in which Users grant access to their Protected Resources without sharing their credentials with the Consumer. OAuth uses Tokens generated by the Service Provider instead of the User’s credentials in Protected Resources requests. The process uses two Token types:

    Request Token:
    Used by the Consumer to ask the User to authorize access to the Protected Resources. The User-authorized Request Token is exchanged for an Access Token…

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  • suvankargiri7 10:55 am on September 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    How to limit RAM usage for Mozilla Firefox 

    I noticed that mozilla firefox is taking lots of memory on my pc.  So I found a solution How to fixed that memory.

    STEP 1: Open Mozilla Firefox.

    STEP 2: Type “about:config” in address bar.

    Mozilla Firefox About Config

    STEP 3: Click “I Promise” button.

    STEP 4: Type “browser.cache”  in Search Field.

    STEP 5. After that Change the value for “browser.cache.disk.capacity”.  depend on system memory, you can assign different value. recommended

    browser.cache.disk.capacity value


    512MB RAM -1GB RAM — >Value 15000

    1GB RAM Above —–> Value 50000

  • suvankargiri7 9:38 am on September 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Windows 7 Check your system information in cmd 

    some people maybe know this information. I posted this for those people who does not know and also if you will require  to know your system information, but you must need administrator permission, then how will you do this.

    STEP 1: Start-> Type cmd on Search field.
    STEP 2: Right Click on “cmd” and Click on “Run as Administrator”.
    STEP 3: cmd window will come up.Type “systeminfo”
    STEP 4: Enter.

    System information using cmd

  • suvankargiri7 5:43 am on August 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Google Chrome measure memory usage 

    Hello everyone,

          Today I just learnt how to see measuring memory usage in chrome. It’s very easy. If you want to know to see this then please follow below steps.

    STEP 1: Open New Tab in Chrome.

    STEP 2: Run the below command on address bar.


    STEP 3: Enter, You will get a page that will show you all details about memory in chrome. Below Screenshot is a sample one.

    chrome-about memory

    Chrome Measuring Memory Usuage




  • suvankargiri7 3:48 pm on August 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    How to get power efficiency report in windows 7 

    hi guys,

       I found a way to know your laptop,pc power efficiency report in window 7. In this post I will show you how will you do this.

    STEP 1: Go to Start. 

    Power efficiency report

    Power efficiency report in windows7

    STEP 2: Type “cmd” at search program fields.

    STEP 3: Right Click on “cmd” program and choose “run as administrator”.

    Run as administrator

    Run as administrator

    STEP 4: “cmd window” will come up. After that type “powercfg -energy” .

    Power efficiency report

    Power efficiency report command “powercfg -energy”

    Now wait for 60 second , you will get below screenshot,Now please go to “C:\windows\system32\” . there will a html file named “energy-report.html”. Open that file in a browser, BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will get all information about power efficiency. Below screenshot is the sample one.

    Power efficiency report



  • suvankargiri7 8:46 am on June 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 match schedule in india time 

    Fifa world Cup 2014 match schedule in India Time Download from . SO ENJOY IN THIS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL.

  • suvankargiri7 9:59 am on June 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Magento Database Optimization and log cleaning Functionality 

    Magento is heavy on web servers because of its vast and secured modular structure. An eCommerce system must have powerful tracking system which can track customer activities and orders and other relevant data tracking and Magento have all this functional and storing every information in MySQL different database tables in form of logs. Magento have around 10 logs tables which needs to be optimized periodically.

    10 Log tables are:

    To Magento database log cleaning and optimizing through admin panel step by step:

    STEP 1: Login in to admin Panel.
    STEP 2: Go to system->configurations.
    STEp 3: Go to left side tab “system”(Under advanced).
    STEP 4: GO to right content Log Cleaning.
    STEP 5: Enable it.
    STEP 6: Donot forget to give email id(For notification of any fault during log cleaning process).

    Its an automated optimizations.
    If you want to do manual optimizations then run below queries.

    TRUNCATE log_customer
    TRUNCATE log_visitor
    TRUNCATE log_visitor_info
    TRUNCATE log_url
    TRUNCATE log_url_info
    TRUNCATE log_quote
    TRUNCATE report_viewed_product_index
    TRUNCATE report_compared_product_index
    TRUNCATE report_event
    TRUNCATE catalog_compare_item


  • suvankargiri7 9:17 am on May 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Magento remove currency decimal place 

    Go to app->code->core->mage->directory->model->currency.php

    go to line no 197, you will get the below line:

    return $this->formatPrecision($price, 2, $options, $includeContainer, $addBrackets);

    Now changed that line to below line:

    return $this->formatPrecision($price, 0, $options, $includeContainer, $addBrackets);

  • suvankargiri7 5:41 am on April 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Ford GT spotted in New Hope, PA 


    Mind Over Motor

    Ford GT NH

    While out and about with my family on one of those beautiful spring Sundays, I caught this Ford GT rolling through New Hope, PA. The design is classic, and it never gets old seeing a GT in traffic.


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