Magento Websites And Store And Store View

Magento is the ability to manage multiple websites and stores from one back-end.

1.It allows store owners to manage stores in different Urls.
2.Display the same products in different languages on the same URL, along with a variety of other setups.

If you will only be selling your products from one URL in one language you will not need to use this functionality.

but the ability to easily expand into additional languages makes Magento scalable as your business grows out of your home market.


A website is made up of one or more stores which share the same customer information, order information and shopping cart. This is a very broad term that can be adopted to define the unique needs of individual merchants.

Stores can be setup in a variety of ways, but remember that if they are part of the same website they will share certain information.

Store Views
Store Views are mainly used for different languages, so if you wanted to have a store displayed in English and Spanish, for example, you could create the store once and create two different store views for that store.

magento store

magento store backend