Amazon launches New EC2 M3 Instance Sizes, Lower Prices for Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS

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Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the availability of two new Amazon EC2 M3 instance sizes: m3.medium and m3.large. AWS is also lowering the prices of storage for  Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS in all regions, effective February 1st, 2014.

Amazon EC2 instances are the fundamental building block for your computing needs in the AWS cloud. You can think of instances as virtual servers that can run applications. Amazon EC2 M3 instance sizes and features are:

Instance   Family Instance Type Processor   Architecture Vcpu Memory


Instance   Storage (GB) Price/hr

Linux / Unix   Usage

General Purpose m3.medium 64-bit 1 3.75 1 x 4

SSD * 6

General Purpose m3.large 64-bit 2 7.5 1 x 32

SSD * 6


Source: How to choose AWS EC2 instance types

AWS has introduced two new sizes for M3 instances: m3.medium and m3.large with 1 and   2 vCPUs respectively. AWS has also added SSD-based instance storage and  support…

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