How to get power efficiency report in windows 7

hi guys,

   I found a way to know your laptop,pc power efficiency report in window 7. In this post I will show you how will you do this.

STEP 1: Go to Start. 

Power efficiency report

Power efficiency report in windows7

STEP 2: Type “cmd” at search program fields.

STEP 3: Right Click on “cmd” program and choose “run as administrator”.

Run as administrator

Run as administrator

STEP 4: “cmd window” will come up. After that type “powercfg -energy” .

Power efficiency report

Power efficiency report command “powercfg -energy”

Now wait for 60 second , you will get below screenshot,Now please go to “C:\windows\system32\” . there will a html file named “energy-report.html”. Open that file in a browser, BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will get all information about power efficiency. Below screenshot is the sample one.

Power efficiency report